Habitat in the Schoolyard

Week 1 – Habitats

Week 1: Standards  Addressed

Lesson 1: What is a habitat?

Animal Habitat Art Pages

Picture of Rabbit, Coyote, and Cactus

Animal Cards for Hunt

Lesson 2: Habitat Walk

Lesson 3: Habitat Map

Lesson 4: Bird Friendly Schoolyard

Bird Pictures

Week 2  – Water

Week 2: Standards Addressed

Lesson 1: Water in Our Lives

Save Water Sign

Lesson 2: Water in the School Yard

Watershed Experiment

Lesson 3: Water Map and Habitat

Insects Drinking

Lesson 4: The Water Cycle

Water Cycle Model Recording Sheet

Water Cycle Hunt

Week 3 – Shelter

Week 3: Standards Addressed

Lesson 1: Habitat and Shelter

Habitat Animal Shelter Matching Game

Lesson 2 and 3: Cozy Shelters, A Building Challenge

Lesson 4: Habitat Stories: Comics

Nature Comic Examples

Seasonal Comic Template

Annual Life Cycle Examples

Week 4 – Plants

Week 4: Standards Addressed

Lesson 1: What make this a plant?

Flower Dissection

Plant Dissection Sheet

Plant Anatomy Sheet

Lesson 2: Plant Scavenger Hunt

Tiny to Huge Scavenger Hunt

Lesson 3: Plants You Eat

We Eat Different Parts of the Plant

Images of Fruits and Vegetables

What do I eat?_

Lesson 4: Monster Plant

Week 5 – Food

– Week 5: Standards Addressed

Lesson 1: Where Does Our Food Come From? Energy in the Habitat.

Meal Break-down Cards

Food Chain Puzzles

Food Chain Worksheet

Lesson 2: Predator vs. Prey: How Animals Find Food (Or Avoid Becoming a Meal)

– Bobcat Picture #1

– Bobcat Picture #2

– Rabbit Picture

– Predator Food Needs Chart

– Predator Necklaces

– Predator-Prey Game: Prey Outlines

– Predator-Prey Game Instructions

– Predator-Prey Game: Data Sheet

Lesson 3: Beaks: Adaptations for Eating

– Predator Prey Match-Up

– Seed and Nut Eating Birds

– Fish, Frog, Snake, and Small Mammal Eating Birds

– Meat Eating Raptors

Nectar sipping birds


BonAppetweet Chart

Lesson 4: Super Powered Plants: How Plants Obtain Energy to Live and Grow

– Super Plant Game Instructions

– How to make a solar oven

Week 6 – Animals in the Schoolyard Habitat: Birds 

Week 6 Standards Addressed

Lesson 1: Close Observation of the Schoolyard Habitat: Seasons and Weather

Lesson 2: Schoolyard Birds

–  Local bird ID cards

–  Bird Feathers Background

Lesson 3: Bird Habitat in the Schoolyard

–  Bird Habitat Bingo

Lesson 4: Imagining Bird Habitats

Paper Plate Habitat Diorama picture instructions

Build_a_bird worksheet

bird_parts_build a bird

Bird worksheet

Bird nests background

Bird Habitat Bingo

Week 7 – Birds and Citizen Science at School

Week 7: Standards Addressed

Lesson 1: Who’s who? Classifying Birds

Bird Groups Silhouettes 

Bird Silhouette Worksheet

Bird Silhouette Worksheet Example

Lesson 2: Super Citizen Scientists- Investigating Birds at Our School

Bird Observations Worksheet

Lesson 3: Super Citizen Scientists- Investigating Birds at Our School Part Two

Bird Anatomy Worksheet

Bird Observations Worksheet

Lesson 4: Super Citizen Scientists- Sharing Knowledge

Week 8 – Trees: Community, Shelter, Food

-Week 8 Standards

-Lesson 1, Week 8

-Lesson 2, Week 8

-Tree diagram

-Lesson 3, Week 8

-Matching Game_Older Students

-Matching Game

-Lesson 4, Week 8

-Trees Found in New Mexico

Week 9 – Project Culmination and Presentation

Week 9: Standards Addressed

Lesson 1: Dream Mapping: The Ideal Schoolyard Habitat

Lesson 2, 3, 4: Prepare for Public Presentation and Celebration


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